Can't imagine one without the other.


My passion for creating simple, intuitive and aesthetically appealing designs is matched only by my ability to create compelling content that resonates with your target audience. 


There's great designers and great writers, but it's rare that you can find one person able to marry the two skill sets.

The relationship between copywriters and designers is often considered challenging. Writers think the words are the important part of any marketing asset, while designers think, "Who's going to read that? It's the design that matters."
Inevitably, then, the question is - what comes first? The design work, or the copy? The reality is, the two are inseparable.
By working with me on your next web project, you can solve the conundrum, since I am both sides of the same coin.
Creativity, beautiful design, clear communication, a dedication to details, and killer content are the building blocks of a successful web project and the hallmarks of my services.

I have always had a love affair with the written word and had a web design hobby when the Internet was in its infancy. So after obtaining a degree in marketing and aching to sow my entrepreneurial oats, I started a business that involved both selling group ticket packages and producing game day publications for professional sports teams. It was then I married my passion for design and writing.
My call center grew to include 10 telemarketers, but the expenses and payroll taxes became too much to bear, so I started looking for other endeavors.
My then-significant other was a real estate agent and so naturally, I became infatuated with the industry. I threw my hat into the area of selling real estate leads and designed a family of websites to sell the leads.
This was my gig for the better part of a decade, selling marketing lists and leads to REALTORS® and investors. My bread and butter during the tough economic times were short sale leads, furnishing a list of underwater and/or delinquent home owners.
When the market rebounded and distressed properties were all but gone, I diversified into other sets of data, most notably probate leads and to this day, am a recognized expert in probate, trust and inherited property sales.
Although I developed a large client base that subscribed to probate leads, a lot of agents were not fully taking advantage of the list I provided and struggled to get their message out to motivated sellers tasked with liquidating the estate home. In many cases, the leads went stale sitting on their desktop.
In order to make the leads actionable, I offered to design a probate assistance site for a couple clients in order to supplement their prospecting efforts and the rest is history. I now quip that I am a “recovering leads provider”, focusing on niche real estate web design.
Once a pioneer in developing probate sites, I have evolved in all manner of real estate niches such as military clients, divorcing spouses, green real estate among other sub-sets of buyers and sellers. Not letting the grass grow from underneath my feet, I can also design beautiful and interactive “general” realty sites with IDX capability.
To discuss your next project, call me at 310-927-0249 or email me what's on your mind.